cleaning the kitchen first


I like canning. I also like making soap, lotions, and potions. I like grinding grain and making bread. I like baking cookies and I like drying fruit, and I have a mature orchard to keep up with. My kitchen is always a busy place, but as you can imagine, at harvest time it can easily become overloaded.

That’s why I made this rule: I can do any kitchen project I want. I just have to clean the kitchen first.

It drastically cut down on the quantity of my projects! But of course, it improved the quality.

This past summer, I had a creative upswing. I had been longing for this for years. Dreams and visions inspired artwork. Even more exciting, they inspired me to start doing my work and living my gift. I dove in without a second thought and swam hard with that current. I was more than ready.

But then some things went a little far. Things piled up in the house. My relationship was on the rocks. My kids needed more of me. And when I looked around I realized, though I’d never left, there was a lot I hadn’t been tending.

And so, I have expanded the idea of clean the kitchen first. Now it is: tend your life first. Moment by moment, to ensure that my kids, my husband, my garden, and yes, my kitchen are all at a place where I am satisfied with my tending of them. That is really different than doing it perfectly. But us women, we know in our bones when we have done right by something, given it that something that lets it sing its song. Then I can bring my work to people. Then I can do my artwork. It may look like it is postponing joy and creativity. But it is the opposite! It is infusing every moment with divine remembrance and feminine presence. It is treating every moment as a dance with creation itself. And I get to put first things first and so sleep well at night.

And have more dreams and visions.

And best of all, sometimes I wake up to a sparkling clean kitchen. That day is always extra ripe with sweet possibilities.


2 thoughts on “cleaning the kitchen first

  1. It’s all so important. I think I’ve had some very similar experiences. Learning to balance everything sure is tough, but so worth it.
    miss you.

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